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Tony Oursler: Black Box

Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts

2021.01.23 - 2021.05.16

Black Box is the first major museum exhibition in Asia devoted to the full scope of the career of Tony Oursler (b. 1957, New York), widely considered to be among the pioneers of American multimedia and video art. Oursler has been consistently redefining moving image and installation art through innovative and diverse methods of incorporating video, sculpture and performance into his practice, breaking video art out of the two-dimensional screen to create unique and transformative moving three-dimensional environment with the use of projections. Black Box reveals his fascination of mystical phenomenon and origin of the camera obscura conjuring immersive experience through technologies of projection, video screens and optical devices.

In the intersection of multimedia, audio-visual practice and poetry, Oursler develops lifelike video sculptures which simulates human psychological characteristics. With satire humors, he guides viewers through image environment to explore the human mind, spirit, popular culture, and the ambiguity of modern technology. Black Box is the first full-scale retrospective of Tony Oursler in Asia, this momentous exhibition will showcase his most definitive video installations, experimental films, and cinema work over nearly four decades.


Curated & Coordinated by:

Yulin Lee (Director), Tseng Fang-ling (Head of Exhibition Department), Alice Ko Nien-pu (Co-Curator),Tsui Tsai-shan (Assistant Curator), Su Yu-wen (Assistant Curator)
Tony Oursler Studio

Alice, Nien-pu Ko
Alice, Nien-pu Ko
Alice, Nien-pu ko
Alice, Nien-pu Ko
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