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Flags, Transnational Migrants and Outlaw Territories

Tokyo Wonder Site


The Shibuya Incident took place in 1946 in Shibuya, Tokyo, was a violent confrontation between Taiwanese in Japan and police, this incident touched upon complicated identity and nationality issues at the jurisdiction between Taiwan, China, Japan and America, it has not only caught attention and aroused protest at the international level, but generated different discussions at the same time. It mapped out the poor, contention for space and anarchy situations under the postwar urban redevelopment projects, if urban as an actual political sphere, this incident at the same time marked the reconstruction of space and repartition of boundaries regardless of a postwar-colony or an empire, these migrants were forced into fractured and overstepped history, a bare life with no citizenship nor legal protection, if to review this under the Taiwan History, it is where the construction of Taiwanese identity first started and lead to the ambiguity as well as contradiction of Taiwanese identity later.


This project takes the Shibuya Incident as a unique point to go back to postwar history, relooking into the naked condition of humans under changing state power and geographical border. It tries to rewrite time from an alternative strategy, let the unsung utters, not into historical studies but the emergence of an antagonistic way, allowing voices from the faraway to be heard in the slit of archives, texts, and historical documentations. From the perspective of four artists from Taiwan, Japan, Korea, and Malaysia, by carding the changing context of geographic spatial from postwar memory and postcolonial experience, revisiting its history with the attempt to question the meaning of the human condition, people and place as well as homeland. 

Curator|Alice, Nien-pu Ko

Artists |Au Sow-Yee, Hikaru Fujii, Kum So-Ni, Kao Jun-Honn

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